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Tales From The Turnip Patch!

I didn't just "Fall off the Turnip Truck!"

I wish more folks would say that today, because falling off the turnip truck is not such a bad thing. Or maybe it is, all up for interpretation.

This blog recalls memories of the past, today, and even those not yet formed but are in the oven. This blog is not about addled old fools (although I am called Crazy) talking about the past, but more honest reflections of life in different lifetime zones. Different indeed. This is my blog, you can agree, disagree, or philosophize on your navel, that is okay, at some point I might request your SS#, blood type, the color of your eyes, and, well never mind, I don't requie a credit card to read this.

Tales From The Turnip Patch is about reflections, memories of past and present, with a target on tomorrow. This blog is about dayz gone by that had some, ahh, unique subjects. For example, owners of homes with a"dog trot" were hardy people, made of grit and a "can do" resilience sadly missing from so many today.

But I digress, Tales From The Turnip Patch may be about life experiences, or not. Have I stayed overnight at a home with a dog trot? Yes, I have. Was the Sears catalog a friend of mine in the outhouse, yes it was, especially page 33.

Dog Trot, yep, that is what it was. A "breezeway" that separated a house, usually a log cabin. The idea was to break the house up into rooms and create a "breezeway" for summer winds to blow through for one of the first "green initiatives". This particular home was friends of the family and we often visited on Sundays. And by the way, this was in 1959 in a small community named Griffen Flat, Arkansas, true home to robust and self-reliant folks.

The main house where the owners, kitchen, and children lived was in one section. The house was built in a mutated "L" section. The dogtrot was gravel and about ten feet wide, where the guest/living room was located. We stayed in the "guest house", with the dogtrot breezeway flowing wind through as Mothers Nature's air conditioning.

And your know what, it worked! And it was common knowledge back in the day, all neighbors helping each other out without requiring government assistance. The folks got by quite well with their own devices and did not even need the grant to assure them this was a good idea.

So, Tales From The Turnip Patch invites you to make comments, tell your own story about past family or friends. We even welcome the latest thoughts on how life is for you. There are no restrictions except frowning on heavy curse words and sexual content.

And this is from a Bohemian author, that stayed in a "dog trot" house and was thankful for Mr. Sears. I would like to offer that later in my life working for Bell & Howell Corporation as a microfilm specialist, Sears became one of our largest accounts in Chicago.

But I never could picture in my mind how to use microfilm as opposed to Page 33!

Thank you for reading "Tales From The Turnip Patch", I will have more to say and hope you add your own lifetime zones too!


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