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Bastet Sez

In my 5,000 years I have seen a lot of New Years and hope for all my fans 2021 will be a great year!

Some of you may be curious why my name is Bastet and why in Ancient Egypt my image of a black cat is so prevalent.

I assisted King Khufu in building the Great Pyramid of Giza. Khufu estimated it would take 30-40 years to move the six million tons of stone to construct the pyramid. He was struggling with the logistics of how to move so many blocks with some weighing as much as nine tons!

Fortunately for King Khufu, a black cat showed up at his tent with some amazing powers. I am not one to be a braggart, but man I was the complete package! Not only was I a star traveler (that's another story) but more importantly for King Khufu I had tremendous telepathic and levitation skills.

So, with my telepathy I wormed into the King's mind and became a trusted companion. I slowly revealed my powers to King Khufu, and he was actually a very intelligent and open minded Pharaoh! I taught him how to manipulate earth's harmonics to levitate objects, specifically most of the six million tons of building stones. Good kitty!

Of course we (Ra, the Sun God, and my interstellar traveling companion) had ulterior motives to construct the pyramids. In fact Starman Ra and myself constructed pyramids all around the world on a consistent earth latitude/longitude. If you are interested more of this story, my journal "Interstellar Travelers" is a free eBook download by clicking this link:

We taught key laborers how to levitate the stones, especially adept were the Yoruba Tribe workers. They quickly picked up the trick of manipulating earth's harmonics to move objects. Maybe this is because they were from the acknowledged cradle of civilization, I don't know if that is why but they were the most adept.

With my training King Khufu completed the Great Pyramid in 10 years rather than the estimated 30+ years. He rewarded me with a magnificent ring with a my face carved into black onyx and a huge white diamond on my forehead. Of course as a cat I could not wear it, but in my honor he wore it for the rest of his life. He pronounced my image as representation of his family emblem.

Thus, my image began to grow in stature and King Khufu declared me Bastet, The Goddess of Fertility and Cats!

To be continued....

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