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What happens when a 5,000-year-old Starman, a Voodoo Queen, a sarcastic, telepathic cat, and a motley crew of former Louisiana Creole military veterans join forces to save America from a mutating Nano virus?

New Orleans is Ground Zero for the Russian Mafia’s most sinister plot yet. But their plan to release a Nano virus that mutates and kills food crops is missing one vital component… water. Lucky for them, The Big Easy has plenty to spare!

A band of untamed and unfettered misfits join forces to stop the Russians or watch as they destroy crops from coast-to-coast.

With amazing skills, highly volatile personalities, unadulterated chaos, and more drama than a soap opera, the crew of unlikely allies must achieve the impossible.

Can they do it without creating another disaster or will it be chaos?

Find out in this Sci-fi Action-Adventure novel!

The Binding Volume 1

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