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He was born in California in 1949, lived in Arkansas most of his life and retired to the sunny beaches of Florida. He has been a cherry picker, welder and CEO of a computer technology company. And now an author.


He graduated with a BA in Journalism and wrote his first book, The Binding. His characters include 5,000 year old telepathic cat Bastet and Starman Ra (Uncle Jim).


His Flash Fiction short story Town That Dreaded Halloween recently won a national writing contest. This story was selected to be read on the 2018 Halloween Special Edition AIARWIP podcast.


He has been married to Mindy for 25 years and travels in a motorhome  with two independent cats, Juno and Loco. Juno was the inspiration for Bastet and Loco may be in the next book.


Oh, and it should be noted for the past 50 years he has been known as Crazy. We think it goes well with his book!

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