Will Jerry's cloaking power save TZ and Bastet?
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Bastet Welcomes You

to The Binding

The Binding Volume 1

     "Bastet was glad to see him and trotted across the street to greet him. She heard Jerry saying over and over, “I believe in me. I believe in me.”


Bastet asked, “Jerry, are you all right?”

It surprised Jerry to see Bastet. He asked, “Do you see me?”

Bastet looked up at Jerry and replied, “Uh, yes I do.”

She thought Jerry had always been a little crazy, but now he seemed full-blown crazy.

“Shit, we are going to die,” Jerry said defeated.

“What in the world are you talking about?” Bastet asked.

“Nikola took TZ a moment ago, and Jim told me to rescue her. He said I had some type of cloaking gift where no one except he could sense or see me. I guess I failed at that too, Bastet. I am going to walk into the warehouse office and rescue TZ or die trying,” he finished.

“Jerry, Jim and I have similar star blood, so I can see you; it’s probably just Jim and I who can,” Bastet said.

“Really? You don’t think anyone else can see me?” he asked enthusiastically.

“Absolutely not,” Bastet replied. Well, I hope not, but what the hell, I will go with you, and it might work. 


"I have one request though,” Bastet said.

The Binding Volume 1
By John Parham

  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat
  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat

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