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 It’s like John Grisham on sci-fi steroids. Can’t wait for the sequel - those dang pelicans! ~ Designer Annette

Readers will enjoy how the characters interact with each other, and they will especially like the magical cat that has a bit of a sarcastic side. It's a quick, fast-paced story that is sure to keep your attention. Highly recommend! ~ Editor Nancy

Just imagine conversing with a voodoo lady and a 5000 yr-old cat, both with the power to do amazing feats, including keeping me on the couch for a non-stop read. Haven’t done that since “Papillon” many years ago. ~ Buck

 I started it and could not put it down. I loved the characters and the humor. It was easy reading and kept my attention. I recommend it to everyone. Give it a chance. ~ Carolyn

Fast paced with great characters! A must read! Looking forward to volume II ! John Parham has a winner! ~ Mark

This  story will delight readers looking for a distraction from life's real bad guys! John Parham does not disappoint with his freshman novel! ~ Indie s Today Book Review

The Binding Volume 1

The Binding Volume 1



         Excerpt From  "A  Little Bit Crazy" Chapter

Nikola and Aleks had escaped the wrath of the goblins but not so for eight of their men. Even though the goblins did not affect them, they were in a state of confusion. Nikola heard a loud moan, looked around and saw one of his men collapse to the floor and wither.


Then, like dominoes, seven others fell to the floor, moaning or screaming, slapping their heads and pulling out their hair.

He was trying to take in what was happening when Mindy and Jim walked into the office. “Hello, boys,” Jim said in his most thundering voice. Its reverberation froze the rest of Nikola’s group and momentarily disoriented them.

Nikola’s reflexes were quick, and he got off a single round that caught Jim in the shoulder and spun him around. He fell to the wall with a groan; Mindy was terrified for his life.

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