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The Binding Reviews

Aiden Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2020

Lately I have read several mainstream best selling books where the author failed to properly develop the world & or characters, so it was so refreshing to find that wasn't the case here.

The characters & world were well developed. A sci-fi element isn't my normal read, but because the author did a great job of making it real-world believable, I was hooked by the end of chapter one.

And that cat, made the whole thing all the better.

I highly recommend this book, and hope there's a volume 2 soon!

This is a very original story. It combines adventure, magic, technology and fantasy in a rousing tale. All the characters seem like regular people, but they're not. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.​ ~ Norton

This  story will delight readers looking for a distraction from life's real bad guys! John Parham does not disappoint with his freshman novel! ~ Indie s Today Book Review

It’s like John Grisham on sci-fi steroids. Can’t wait for the sequel - those dang pelicans! ~ Designer Annette

Just imagine conversing with a voodoo lady and a 5000 yr-old cat, both with the power to do amazing feats, including keeping me on the couch for a non-stop read. Haven’t done that since “Papillon” many years ago. ~ Buck

Plot makes you wonder if this is fact or fiction relating to the issues the world now faces! Amusing, intriguing and everything I desire in a book ~ AND a Cat!!!!! Great job, reading for more!!!!

What a cool book! It’s vividly told with well written characters and an intriguing plot. It’s science fiction-ish. It’s so well written the Sci-Fi part seems extremely logical and believable. It’s immensely entertaining. It’s written with short chapters so that if you have just a short time you can read a while and pick it back up again and not feel lost. It’s a fun book that I enjoyed immensely and hope that the author is already working on the next installment!~~~Eric

This book is a fantastic read! The story takes you so many places and introduces you to very unique and interesting characters! John writes so well you literally just float through his words which makes grasping his incredible story line so effortlessly!

 I started it and could not put it down. I loved the characters and the humor. It was easy reading and kept my attention. I recommend it to everyone. Give it a chance. ~ Carolyn

The Binding Volume 1     

      Excerpt From  "Jerry Meets Bastet" Chapter

 Looking at Juno, Jerry asked of the cat, “What did you say your name was? If I am not mistaken, it was Juno, wasn’t it?”

Bastet looked up at Jerry and replied, “Yes I was called Juno, but I recently became aware my actual name is Bastet.”

He stared at Bastet and focused on his crazy eyes and thought, I may have gold flecks around my eyes, but your eyes have the mother lode. “Well, Bastet, I would like to thank you for saving my life.”

Bastet rotated his head towards Mama Mindy then back to Jerry before replying, “Save your life I did, and for a good reason, which you are about to discover.”

Still somewhat addled, Jerry thought about what Bastet has said and replied, “Say what?”

Mamma Mindy interjected, “Jerry, something catastrophic is about to happen. I can sense it as Bastet can, and at this point, it is undefined. But it is coming and soon, bringing destruction and death with it.” Continuing, she asked Jerry, “Have you not found it strange to be traveling with a telepathic cat with the ability to levitate?”

Jerry responded, “Yeah, I have noticed a few strange things. Let’s see, getting a promotion at work I wanted but did not have the chance to fulfill the job."

“What else? Oh yeah, I jumped out of a third-story bathroom window with a levitating cat perched on my shoulder and didn’t get hurt.”

“Is that all? No, let me see—a lunatic killer chased us, we danced around a stripper’s pole at a busy intersection, and swam in a fish bowl in the basement of an abandoned building.”

“Surely that’s all. No, wait a minute.”

He continued, “Then we met a shaggy bear of a man who knew Uncle Jim McNutt that worked on their family farm. This was the same Uncle Jim who worked on our farm. He has the unique ability of not aging, and he has the same eyes and birthmark LB and I have. It appears you and the cat also have similar characteristics as we do; the whole community down here probably does.”

“Beyond that, everything is normal and A-ok. Hell, telepathic cats are practically running the mayor’s office,” Jerry finished.

He looked back at Bastet and asked, “And how the hell did you wind up with the name Bastet?”


Bastet looked at Mamma Mindy, turned to Jerry and said, “My story is strange too, maybe stranger.”

Jerry looked at both and asked, “Does anyone have a scotch, and if you do, that would be strange.”

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The Binding Volume 1

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