The Binding Volume 1

     "Mindy saw what was about to happen and yelled to Jim, “We have to go now!” She began to panic as she too was wasted from her incantation. As hope began to slip from her being, she felt defeated. Mindy knew it would be only moments before Nikola would regain his ability to fire his weapon. And also knew she could not help Jim, only die with him."

     "Time was running out as the crimson cloud began to coalesce and smolder. She knew they were not going to make it, the smoldering cloud would soon explode in a cataclysm. Mindy got to Jim as Nikola broke free and raised his P90.

He was finally going to kill the whirly man and the bitch he was with."

The Binding Volume 1
By John Parham

  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat
  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat

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