The Binding

“They did not have a plan, and with only a few days to formulate one, if they failed, America might too.”


If you enjoy zany fiction in the style of

"Douglas Adams", then this book is for you.

The Binding is an engaging and fun read.

John Parham does not disappoint with his freshman novel!

From: Indies Today Review

The Binding Volume 1
By John Parham

Uncle Jim walked among the beloved sugarcane fields in Louisiana. Suddenly, he was contacted by Bastet.


“Jim, we are in trouble. Jerry and I need your help!” 


New Orleans Russian Mafia killers were trying to capture Bastet. They planned to kill anyone who got in their way and that included Jerry.


They were holed up in an abandoned warehouse and aided by a brave group of street people. Thankfully, the last great New Orleans voodoo queen, Mindy Mangalore Magdalena, was part of the group.


Soon, they would discover the real threat was not Russian Mafia killers. Hidden on a Russian cargo ship steaming to the Port of New Orleans was a Russian-engineered nanovirus. It lay dormant in 20,000 tons of fertilizer and needed a trigger to awaken.


Water was the trigger and only a drop would unleash the power of the Destroyer.

  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat
  • The Binding with Bastet the Cat